Pricing Info

Thanks for your interest in a pair of Ken's Kustom Konverse.  Please note the pricing below.  If you are truly interested in placing an order, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page with ALL pertinant information as outlined below.  I will return your e-mail with a quote after I receive the appropriate information.

All pricing approximate and may vary depending on design.
All prices include cost of shoes.

Full Shoe* (2 full panels and tongue) = $175.00
Half Shoe* (one full panel/shoe) = $150.00

Partial Shoe* (illustration, name, etc on one panel/shoe) = $125.00

Add Tongue Design = $20.00 (both shoes)Additional modifications (weathering, wear and tear, stitching, etc) = $10.00

*Examples of shoes below.

NOTE: Projects will not be undertaken until full payment has been received.  Personal checks, money orders and bank drafts only please. Please make all checks/money orders/bank drafts to: Kenneth W. Turner

Checks/money orders/bank drafts can be sent to:
Kenneth W. Turner
49 Oakridge Drive,
Suite 1,
Stoney Creek, ON, Canada 
L8G 2T4

Please make sure to include the following with your order:
1. Shoe size
2. Name, Address and Phone Number (to send the completed shoes)
3. Preferred shoe colour (I strongly discourage black as a base colour)
4.Design description (characters, names, themes, etc ~ provide as much detail as possible)
Please allow four to six weeks for delivery.  These things take time.  I will contact you personally if the project will take longer than expected.
Thank you for kindly konsidering Ken's Kustom Konverse Konnection.

Full Shoe with Tongue Sample (outside)
Full Shoe with Tongue Sample (inside panel)
Partial Shoe Sample (incl. tongue)

Please fill out the form below with ALL information
(as stated above)