About Me


Ken Turner is a Hamilton, Ontario native.  He's a teacher, writer, independant filmmaker, shoe designer and so much more.  He has written one novel, 'Realm of the Vermilion King: The Tick-Tock People', and several short film screenplays.  Two of Ken's short films, 'Fishy' and 'Unexplained Mysteriousnesses' were selected for the Hamilton Film Festival in Hamilton, Ontario and his most recent film (a collaboration with Paul J. Boresky, as are all the films), 'Abattoir', is under consideration for the Mississauga Independant Film Festival.  Ken is currently working on his first feature length screenplay, coming soon (hopefully) to a theatre near you.

Ken has been customizing Converse All-Stars for about two years.  He is also a self-certified Batman fanatic and his personal Batman collection has been featured on Space: The Imagination Station's 'It Came from the Basement', StarTV's 'I Heart', Hamilton Cable 14, CHCH News and prompted a full-page article the Hamilton Spectator.