Ken's Kustom Konverse Konnection

Welcome to Ken's Kustom Konverse Konnection.  Here you will find an ever-growing collection of custom Converse All-Stars (Chucks to those in the know) by yours truly.  As many of you may know, Converse has a great selection of very cool All-Star patterns to choose from.  Unfortunately, here in the Great White North (Ontario, Canada, specifically) they tend to be hard to come by.  Unless, of course, you're willing to pay international shipping fees and order them right from  I did that once.  Just about went broke.  So I got to thinking - "What if I just made my own custom Converse?"  Not only would they be cool (hopefully), but one of a kind.  And so I did.  The results have varied from 'horrible', to 'meh' to 'very cool'.

My first few pairs I did using Chuck knock-offs.  Even at local retail, Chucks tend to be a little pricy so I decided to use the cheapies just in case things didn't work out.  Well, after a few attempts, I discovered that with some time, patience and a set of fabric markers (and a few Sharpies for good measure), I could have one-of-a-kind custom Chucks.

I've created Chucks based on Star Wars, Batman, the Joker, the General Lee (which I got signed by John 'Bo Duke' Schneider), Happy Days (signed by Henry Winkler) and a bunch of others.  Right now I'm in the early stages of planning a pair of Hulk Chucks that I plan to get signed by Lou Ferigno this summer.

So herein you will see some of the efforts I have made so far.  I hope you like what you see.  Let me know, feel free to drop a line or whatever in the Comments section.  I always appreciate feedback (and even a little criticism - but be nice.  I never did anything to you). 

Hope you enjoy your time here.  And check back from time to time.  You never know what might pop up.