Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these shoes water-proof and colour safe?
Yes.  I use special fabric pens designed just for this purpose.  I also use Sharpies and other media as well.  Once complete, the shoes are lightly coated with a waterproof coating that doesn't discoulour and remains flexible.  Also, I find that Mr. Clean Magic Sponges (or whatever they're called) are great for keeping the toes and trim clean (though most people prefer roughed up Chucks).

2. What sizes and colours are available?

I can order any size you need.  Not to worry.  Basic colours (white, green, red, etc) tend to be available all the time, so colour availaility usually isn't a problem.  I prefer not to use patterns as they are difficult to paint over.  White is usually best as they can be rendered any colour necessary throught the creative process.

3. Can I order any of the shoes featured on this site?

No.  Most of these shoes are from my own collection or are for previous customers.  I can recreate these images, but they won't be exactly the same.  I pride myself on creating one-of-a-kind originals.  Also, each shoe is a new learning opportunity, so I may make changes that better suit the overall design process.

4. Can I send you images of my own, such as band logos, school emblems, etc?
Absolutely!  Just send them as an attachment to the e-mail address located in the Contact Me section and I'll see what I can do.

5. How do I order a pair of shoes?
Send me a request in the  Pricing Info section and I will get back to you quickly with a quote. 

Prices noted in the Pricing Info section are approximate, based on the complexity of the design, the number of colours used and the availability of the preferred shoe colour and therefore may differ slightly.

6. Can I provide my own shoes or do I have to get them from you?
Of course you can use your own shoes.  By all means.  Keep in mind, however, that it means sending the blank shoes in the mail before I can begin any work on them.  This increases the cost to you and the time it takes to receive the completed project.  It's completely up to you.

7. Do you ship to customers outside of Canada?

Yes.  But keep in mind, international shipping charges can be pricey.  I will provide an estimated shipping cost with the quote when you send in your enquiry.

8. Do you provide accessories such as shoe laces?
I can include shoe laces, but they are extra (around ten bucks or so).  I usually let the customer buy their own laces, available at most shopping malls and trendy stores such as D-Tox and Spencer's Gifts.

9. Do you accept Visa, Master Card or PayPal?
Not at present, no.  Check, money order or bank draft are the only forms of payment I accept.

10. Do I pay up front or after I get my shoes?
Sorry.  I cannot begin a project without payment in full.

11.  How long does it take to make a pair of shoes?
It all depends on the design, the detail, etc.  First I have to order the shoes, which takes some time, unless they are available at my local supplier.  While I wait for the shoe to arrive I begin sketching ideas and layouts.  Then I have to draw the design on the shoe and colour/paint it.  Again, depending on the design, this could take a couple of hours or a couple of days.  I have done shoes that take the better part of a week due to the complexity of the design.  After that, it all depends on the speedy delivery habits of Canada Post and how quickly you can work your nimble little fingers to pull them out of the box and slap 'em on your feet.

12. What if I'm not happy with the final product?

I offer a full refund for a period of 14 days after completion of the project (from the time I put the product in the mail), minus any shipping costs.  But I seriously doubt that this will happen.

Be SURE that you provide an accurate shoe size with your order.  Refunds will not be given for non-fitting shoes if they are the size you told me in your initial order.

**If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me by visiting, oddly enough, the Contact Me section of the site.

Thanks for your interest.  I look forward to your project!